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Notes & Rules

Here are some notes and rules for working with GP:

No Deadline

We are always accepting new staff to add to our team, so there is no rush. It’s better that you focus on finding and real professional clients.

Payment Schedule

After the client you introduce makes his fifth purchase, you will receive 10% of the whole payment, including PayPal tax. You may also introduce five different clients and get paid after all of them make at least one purchase.


GP team presents a variety of services, so you can find clients for different areas, such as ghost producing, mixing, mastering, and melody writing.


It’s best that you study the whole content of our website to get completely familiar with what we do and let your clients know it.


All the payments are done via PayPal and we do not have any other methods of payment.


Only letting us know the Email address of your clients is enough. We add you and him to our platform and count his transactions.

If you accept all of these rules, feel free to let us know your client.

Letting us know the client’s Email address is enough; we take care of other things ourselves.

Introduce a Client

7 + 15 =

Why GP

Lots of Visitors

Our website gets a lot of visitors everyday, which makes it a suitable place for anyone who desires to work with us in any way and any field or area.

Experienced Staff

All the staff here are experienced in their fields, which leaves no place for mistake. We are professionals and like to work with professionals.

Honest Information

You can trust us because we have been in EDM scene for years and we know its secrets inside out. We handle everything with trust, honesty, and commitment.

Find Clients for Us & Get Paid.

Is there any easier way to make money?


The Leading Ghost Producer Service

We promise to deliver the best and highest quality ghost producing service. Ghost Producing is here to help you have the desired track you want. We promise 100% satisfaction. We offer affordable ghost producing prices. Ghost Producing team consists of several well-known professional producers and sound engineers who have been in the scene for a long time, and have produced, mixed, and mastered some of the tracks you have already heard and loved; so they know the A to Z of ghost producing.