EDM Ghost Producing has been in this industry for so long. Some of the tunes you heard as being produced by your favorite artist were not actually written, produced, or even in some cases co-produced by them. So it’s of no surprise that the some big names of today’s EDM scene also have ghost producers. It’s seems that the whole underground EDM scene is enjoying this fact of ghost-producing.

“A Google search for “EDM ghost producer” turns up accusations against electronic royalty like Skrillex, Steve Aoki, and David Guetta in the first few results. These types of claims aren’t exclusive to electronic music, however, as a similar search for “hip-hop ghost writer” reveals that lyrical luminaries like Ghostface Killah, Kanye West, and Big Boi have allegedly received assistance with their pen game as well.”

Now you may ask why!

It seems that the whole ghost-producing thing is about: money, time, promotion, friendship, helping, and mutual satisfaction.

To get it more and know it better and be satisfied with an answer, check the link below; the guys in www.doandroidsdance.com have written a good article on this subject matter.


A ghost-producer talks about his experiences and here are some quotations:

“I make a track for a big guy and the big guy says you get a fee plus a big stage on a festival.”

“It’s a money question, it’s a promotional question.”

“we always get half of the publishing, plus retaining the master rights… and the fee that comes with producing as well.”

“That’s why we ghost produce, it’s not because we want to earn a lot of money. It’s like helping each other out.”