There are different ghost producing services which offer different pricing or ghost production rates; from $199 to €999 and more.

You are the one to decide which ghost production rates is suitable for you, but always keep in mind that you should not consider only the pricing, but you should also listen to the quality provided with that price.

So don’t get it wrong that a cheap track is bad and an expensive track is great. Always listen and compare tracks and services. Maybe sometimes a great track is cheap because its producer is in need for fast money or because the tracks are on sale.

Here at, we offer a variety range of ghost production rates which are reasonable and affordable; from $199 to €899.

ghost production rates

When choosing our Original Track or Remix service, we offer three ghost production rates: €499, €699, €899.

The different between these ghost production rates is the quality. We call €499 High Quality, €699 Pro Quality, and €899 VIP Quality. The more you pay, more time will be spent in the whole ghost producing procedure: melody writing, sound design, mixing, mastering, and etc.

By the way, our ready tracks are usually of less price.