Follow the following steps to know how to order a custom ghost produced Remix:

  1. decide which style you want your Remix to be in.
  2. find some references based on them you want your Remix to be produced.
  3. go to this page.
  4. enter your name and email address.
  5. choose ‘Remix’ as service.
  6. choose the price you can afford. The higher the price, the better the quality of your track will be.
  7. select the style of your Remix.
  8. select the DAW in which you want your Remix to be produced.
  9. provide a link or a title to the original track to be remixed.
  10. provide a link to the stems or remixpack if available.
  11. add your reference tracks.
  12. send 20% of the price to and enter the PayPal Transaction ID of the payment.
  13. let us know more if we should in the ‘More Info’ section.
  14. submit.

We will get back to you soon and will provide your first preview within a week.