Usually producers become DJs, but there are some producers who don’t care being seen that much on the scene and take production as their job! So they become producers for other artists or DJs, or they become ghost producers.

Ghost producing exists in almost all genres, but it has become something routine in EDM (electronic dance music) scene. As the technical aspect of EDM productions is improving rapidly, and also the number of producers is getting more and more, you should be up-to-date with production utilities, gears, and standards, and also be a fast producer, because there are a lot of competitors out there.

Most of the times it is important for the client to receive the project file of their track, so if you are able to produce tracks in different DAWs, potentially you will have more clients. Try to learn to produce at least in Ableton, FL Studio, and Logic Pro because these are the favorites of almost all the clients.

Another thing to consider for having more clients is being able to produce different genres. So try to learn to produce as many genres as possible, mostly the sub-genres of House, and also any genre which is trending at the moment (Future Bass in late 2016), as it’s a very good opportunity because many client would be looking for it to keep up with the trend.

All these said, you must be a gear producer as well who can produce tracks as quality as top labels because the clients are looking for that. And it’s not something extraordinary as a lot of producer can do it these days. Plus that, you should be able to mix and master your tracks at a professional level too because a great track without good mix and mastering is not what a client looks for. Also the mix and mastering price must be included in the pricing you tell the client.

You should also know that not “all” your tracks will get sold because simply no one would like them enough, but you can always keep them because maybe someday someone likes to buy them.

So to sum it up, if you want to become a successful ghost producer:
– Your productions must have great quality, and be professionally mixed and mastered.
– You must follow the trend in style and sound.
– You must be a fast producer.
– You must be able to work with various DAWs: Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro.
– You must able to produce a lot of various genres.

Here at, we provide an opportunity for the producers who want to work as a ghost producer. You can join our team of ghost producers and produce custom tracks based on clients’ orders. Please visit the link below for more information:

Become A Ghost

Also if you have any ready tracks that you want to sell, you can submit them in the link below. You will receive 75% of the price you set for your tracks.

Sell Your Tracks

That said, we wish you the best in production and hope to see you on board.


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Ghost Producing