So 2016 is over and it’s time to see what we have done in this year.

2016 was a nice year for our team, meeting new clients and focusing on a new style called Future Bass. We worked with over 100 new clients this year and provided quality tracks for them and helped take steps further in their DJ career.

We had also a big change in our website’s design and layout and tried to be better than before as it always is our main goal, to be easier and better for the clients.

We also added a lot of high quality ready tracks of different genres to our SoundCloud profile with different prices.

Now we offer 3 plans for the clients they can choose from regarding quality: Advanced, Professional, and Expert.

– Advanced plan offers you a high quality track and costs €499.
– Professional plan offers you a higher quality track and costs €699.
– Expert plan offers you the highest quality track and costs €899.

For all the plans you will receive a track and its including files:

Mixed & Mastered
Project Files
Stems & MIDI
Samples & Presets
All The Rights

Please fell free to contact us if you have any question or if you want to place your order via the link below:


Keep up the good work and kill the clubs.

Ghost-Producing Team