It’s the fourth year that we ‘’ are officially in the business of ghost producing. Through these years we have helped a lot of producers and DJs out there by mixing, mastering, or ghost producing for them. Our team is growing more and more and at the time of this article, 164 professional EDM producers are working with us and they compete to producer the best tracks for you. Now we have a full list of EDM styles available, all categorized for your easy access to the tracks you are after. We recently added the ‘Vocal’ and ‘DAWs’ sections to be even more detailed in categorization.

We act strictly when approving tracks to be uploaded on our website, just like top labels’ A&Rs because we believe in delivering high quality products for our clients, and you can be sure of the quality by checking our portfolio. Our producers have already be signed to top labels and have been played and/or supported by the biggest names in the industry, and they devote their time to their productions so that you can get signed to big labels and be supported and played by Top 100 DJs.

In the pricing section, by offering three plans, we have tried to be as reasonable as possible; the higher you pay, the higher the quality of your track will be, and for what you pay, you will receive FREE project files of your track! A bonus at GP is the number of previews you get to choose among the one you like. Because we have a lot of producers, your order is sent to several ones and you will receive several previews to choose from. We also offer unlimited edits. We edit the preview you like more as many times as you wish. We like you to be fully satisfied with your track and purchase. After you like a preview and pay for it, you will receive the followings:

– project file
– stems
– presets
– samples
– mixed & mastered WAV
– mixed & mastered MP3 320 kbps
– mixed & non-mastered WAV
– .TXT list of VSTs and Plugins used

Isn’t that cool? We also offer some PDFs about music production, mixing, mastering, and SoundCloud secrets for FREE for our customers.

Next comes the time, the gold. We promise to deliver previews within a week, and the finished tracks and files in two weeks, but most of the times he process gets finished sooner than that. And we take care that the speed meets the quality. We are fast, but high quality.

We offer music ghost producing services (music production mixing, mastering, remixing) in all DAWs and all styles. So whatever your favorite DAW or style is, we got your back. Also you will have all the rights to the tracks you buy. We are also very fast in answering emails, so you can expect a full time 24/7 support from us.

We believe we can do a great business together and help you reach your goals.