Does Your Track Need Professional Mixing?

Our Pro Mixing Engineers Take a Good Care of Mixing Your Track.

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Why GP

Experienced Team

GP mixing team consists of several professional and talented mixing engineers who have already mixed some hits of EDM, and are familiar with the scene’s standards.

Guaranteed Quality

We promise to deliver mixes with the highest possible quality that meet industry’s standards and are competitive in EDM scene.


Honest Information

You can trust us because we have been in EDM scene for years and we know its secrets inside out. We handle your order with trust, honesty, and commitment.

You Produce, We Mix.

GP mixing engineers are so much experienced in this field.

Unlimited Edits

We edit the mix of your track based on your comments unlimited times till you are satisfied.

No Hidden Fees

All the payments are flat and with clear pricing, you will not be asked for any extra money.

Need Your Track Mixed?

All Styles

GP mixing engineers are able to mix tracks in all styles.

4 Easy Steps

Upload the lines of your track without any effects.

Pay 20% of the price via PayPal.

We let you hear a preview of your mixed track within a week.

If you like your mixed track, you pay, then you receive your files.

Success Rate

  • 96% 96%

96% of GP previews get accepted by clients without asking for any edits.


The Leading Ghost Producer Service

We promise to deliver the best and highest quality ghost producing service. Ghost Producing is here to help you have the desired track you want. We promise 100% satisfaction. We offer affordable ghost producing prices. Ghost Producing team consists of several well-known professional producers and sound engineers who have been in the scene for a long time, and have produced, mixed, and mastered some of the tracks you have already heard and loved; so they know the A to Z of ghost producing.

Need Your Track Sound Warm?

GP mixing engineers compete to give you the best mixed track.

Affordable Pricing

Starting from 149, we believe the pricing we offer is affordable. You can be sure that you get what you pay for.


Fast Delivery

You will receive your first preview in less than a week and the final mixed track in less than two weeks.

24/7 Support

You can contact us anytime you desire and expect a quick reply. We are always available full time.


100% Satisfaction

We understand that you seek one hundred percent satisfaction, and we promise to give it to you.

Your Track Needs a Fresh Pair of Ears.


Each order and project starts uniquely and exclusively.


We are always evolving, innovating, and growing, as the industry is.


We always seek your feedback because your comments are important for us to be able to follow your taste in the right direction. So we mix tracks together, GP + the clients.


GP mixing engineers are always open to test different techniques if they lead to better results; they are not afraid of going crazy and give your track a special sounding.

Do You Need a Fresh Pair of Ears?

Give your ears a rest.

Save Time, Money, & Energy

To mix a track to high standards and quality, you need education. Educating yourself or taking courses takes a lot of time and after all, you will know only the theory which is far from practice. Another thing needed for a standard mixing is having a lot of good gears, which needs a lot of money to buy. Having talent, education, time, and money, you still need a lot of energy and working hours to complete a professional mixing; and also don’t forget that your ears are accustomed to your track and you may not hear its problems anymore. Why not letting a professional team do the mixing for you and you focus on other things like production?

Sound Professional

A bad mixing can ruin a great track, and that's not what you want.

Benefit of Using GP Mixing Service

Getting Signed

Sending a high quality and professionally mixed track to a label as a demo, increases your chance to get signed much more, and that’s what you need.

Reach Your Desired Mixing

Mixing Process

It’s easy to order mixing; it takes less than a minute.

First of all, export the lines of your track without any effects on them in WAV format and name each. Then upload them in a zip file. Pay 20% of the price to Fill out the form on Contact page and place your order. Our mixing engineers start your project and give you the first preview within a week. You listen to it and tell us your opinion. If it needs any edits, you explain to the mixing engineers and they fix it. When you are satisfied, you pay the rest of the price, then you receive a zip file containing all the related files to your order, including the mixed and mastered MP3 and WAV versions of your track.

Success Has A Formula, And We Know It.

Did you know that there is a team of professionals behind almost every big name artist, including mixing engineers?

What You Get

Mixed & Mastered MP3

Mixed & Mastered WAV

Act Pro

Mixing must be done by someone other than the original producer.

Mixed & Mastered

We deliver your mixed track mastered too, which means you don’t have to pay or look for any other mastering service or studio to do the mastering phase for you. Your tracks are mastered free of charge.

Your Success Is Our Honor.

What Clients Say

We can’t reveal clients’ names due to our anonymity promise.

Hell Yeah! Now that’s punchy & to the face! Thanks.

This is warm and deep; thank you for the service.

How did you make it this much wide and fat?! Awesome.

Give You Track A New Personality

Always wanted to have your track professionally mixed?