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Please always check this page to see the status of GP orders.
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Order 1223: CLOSED
Order 1222: CLOSED
Order 1221: CLOSED
Order 1220: CLOSED
Order 1219: CLOSED
Order 1218: CLOSED
Order 1217: CLOSED
Order 1216: CLOSED
Order 1215: CLOSED
Order 1214: CLOSED
Order 1213: CLOSED
Order 1212: CLOSED
Order 1211: CLOSED
Order 1210: CLOSED


If you didn’t heard back from us about your preview and didn’t get paid for it, it means that the client didn’t like your preview.
If your preview didn’t get accepted buy the client, you can submit your preview as a track with a title and a price (USD) via the form in the link below to be sold via the website. We will review your preview and if it is approved, it will be uploaded on he website and we will let you know if a client likes to buy it.


Sell Your Tracks

– DO NOT submit any remixes.
– DO NOT submit the preview with a client’s provided vocals, melodies, or project files.
– DO NOT submit any rough draft version.
– DO NOT submit any previews from “final touches” or “finishing” or “fixing” orders.




Ghost-Producing Team