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ghost producing producers have released their tracks on these labels.

Why GP

Experienced Team

GP team consists of several professional and talented producers who have already released hits on major labels, and staff who are familiar with EDM scene and its standards.

Guaranteed Quality

We promise to deliver tracks with the highest possible quality that meet industry’s standards and are competitive in EDM scene.

Honest Information

You can trust us because we have been in EDM scene for years and we know its secrets inside out. We handle your order with trust, honesty, and commitment.

We Remix, You Play.

GP producers have signed and released their music on big labels, YOU CAN TOO.

Free Project Files

You will receive project files of your Remix free of charge, from which you can learn a lot.

Unlimited Edits

We edit your Remix based on your comments unlimited times till you are satisfied.

Top Secret

The procedure is completely anonymous and your identity & information remains safe.

No Hidden Fees

All the payments are flat and with clear pricing, you will not be asked for any extra money.

Need A Custom Remix?

All DAWs

We can give you the project files of your Remix in the latest version of your favorite DAW; Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, ProTools, Reason, & etc.

All Styles

GP ghost producers are able to remix tracks in all styles, such as: Bigroom House, Electro House, Future House, Deep House, Progressive House & etc.

All The Rights

After purchasing your Remix, you will be the only owner and will have all the rights of it, which will be mentioned and stated in a perfect contract.

3 Easy Steps

Select the style of your Remix and a reference track.

Contact us.

If you like your Remix, you pay, then you receive your files.

Success Rate

  • 96% 96%

96% of GP previews get accepted by clients without asking for any edits.


The Leading Ghost Producer Service


We promise to deliver the best and highest quality ghost producing service. Ghost Producing is here to help you have the desired track you want. We promise 100% satisfaction. We offer affordable ghost producing prices. Ghost Producing team consists of several well-known professional producers and sound engineers who have been in the scene for a long time, and have produced, mixed, and mastered some of the tracks you have already heard and loved; so they know the A to Z of ghost producing.


Need a Remix to Play or Sign & Release?

GP ghost producers compete to produce the best Remix for you.

Affordable Pricing

Starting from $599, we believe the pricing we offer is affordable. You can be sure that you get what you pay for.


Fast Delivery

You will receive your first preview in less than a week and the full time finished track in less than two weeks.

24/7 Support

You can contact us anytime you desire and expect a quick reply. We are always available full time.


100% Satisfaction

We understand that you seek one hundred percent satisfaction, and we promise to give it to you.

Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Don Diablo, W&W, VINAI, ...

GP producers have been supported by a lot of EDM big name artists; NOW IT'S YOUR TURN.


Each order and project starts uniquely and exclusively.


We are always evolving, innovating, and growing, as the industry is.


We always seek your feedback because your comments are important for us to be able to follow your taste in the right direction. So we remix tracks together, GP + the clients.


GP ghost producers are able to combine different elements, features, and characteristics of different styles to create something new to match what you are looking for.

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Save Time, Money, & Energy

To produce a high quality Remix, you need education. Educating yourself or taking courses takes a lot of time and after all, you will know only the theory which is far from practice. Another thing needed for a standard production is having a lot of good gears, which needs a lot of money to buy. Having talent, education, time, and money, you still need a lot of energy and working hours to complete a professional Remix. Why not letting a professional team do the production for you and you focus on other things like taking care of social media, contacting managers and agencies and explaining your plan to them, or practice DJing?

Boost Your Career

GP Helps You Achieve Your Goals Sooner & Easier.


You can sign your Remix to labels you love.

Be A Resident

You can be a resident of the clubs you love.


You can play at events and festivals you love.

Create Your Desired Remix

You will have full control over the production of your Remix. You lead the producer to take your Remix in the direction you want.

Benefits of Using GP High Quality Remixes


Getting Signed

Sending a high quality Remix to a label as a demo, increases your chance to get signed much more, and that’s what you need.


Getting Support

A high quality Remix gets the support of many big name DJs, which will bring you fame, and agencies will come to you.


Getting Contacts

Releasing high quality Remixes attracts labels and artists to ask you to remix their tracks and this means more money and contacts.

Getting signed will bring you a regular business and your patch to success becomes easier and clearer.

Good labels have contacts to big festivals; so if you get signed to them, your chance to play at big festivals gets higher.

Success Has A Formula, And We Know It.

Did you know that there is a team of professionals behind almost every big name artist, and ghost producers play an important role there?

Remix Process

It’s easy to order your Remix; it takes less than a minute.

First of all, choose the style of your Remix. Then choose one or more tracks as reference, based on them you like your Remix. Now choose a plan from the pricing page. Fill out the form on Contact page and place your order. We will send you an invoice for the 20% initial payment. Our producers start your project and give you the first preview within a week. You listen to it and tell us your opinion. If it needs any edits, you explain to the producers and they fix it. When you are satisfied, you pay the rest of the price, then you receive a zip file containing all the related files to your order, including the mixed and mastered MP3 and WAV versions of your track, stems, MIDIs, presets, remix pack, project files, contract, and all the rights.

Think Big, Act Pro.

Success isn’t accidental; you must have a plan, a pro plan.

What You Get

Project Files


Non-mastered WAV



Free Products


Mastered MP3


Remix Pack

Mastered WAV

All The Rights

Your Success Is Our Honor.


A good production needs a professional mixing to sound clean, powerful, and warm. Here at GP, all our Remixes come mixed, which means you don’t have to pay or look for any other mixing service or studio to do the mixing phase for you. Our Remixes are mixed free of charge.


A well produced and mix track needs a professional mastering to sound loud and polished. Here at GP, all our Remixes come mastered, which means you don’t have to pay or look for any other mixing service or studio to do the mastering phase for you. Our Remixes are mastered for free.

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What Clients Say

We can’t reveal clients’ names due to our anonymity promise.

Thank you for your great service; I can’t wait to play this track!

OMG! I didn’t expect this quality in a few days! You are awesome!

Thanks for the project files; they helped me learn a lot.

WOW! Even the initial previews are high quality all!


How cool it is to play your favorite tracks fo an enthusiastic crowd?

Do you want to release the next EDM Remix?


Do you want to play at the next EDM festival?


Do you want to be the next EDM star?

Big name DJs live a happy life travelling around the world, playing at big festivals, meeting other big artists, and making a lot of money.


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