If you are already on Top 100 DJs list or dream to be there, we have an exclusive offer for you: HOT original tracks.

As you may know, the price for ghost producing for big names or the ones who want to be a big name is something between 15000 to 30000 Euros. If you want to get that unique, special, mind-blowing, floor exploding, super HOT track, you have to pay something around that price. But here at Ghost-Producing.com, we have lowered that price to be more affordable for the new talented DJs who desire and deserve to be on that list some day. The ghost producers produce tracks for DJs and DJs find a label for their track.

The track you receive will be unique in sounds, samples, scenario, and melody. You will have your own exclusive signature and sound like nobody else. Your track will be as original as possible in every way. We will use sound and samples never heard before in our productions for your track.

Success isn’t accidental, chance is a dream; you have to face the reality and embrace the rules of EDM. If you think you deserve being among the big names of EDM, you must start now. Everybody and everything has a beginning, and we are the beginning for you. Appreciate your time, it is passing so fast. So focus on what you are good at and let the pros of EDM produce a HOT track for you. Be another Top 100 DJ.

If you have any question, want to know the price, or order a HOT track, contact us now as tomorrow is too late.

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